5 Rules You Should Know When Smoking Weed with a Group of People

1. Put Others First
Remember that if one of the members of your group does not want to smoke, they do not need to. And if they have already smoked a bit but no longer want to, then they do not need to be pressured to doing it. Remember, if they smoke less, then there will be more for you and everyone else to smoke.

If you can, then try to bring some of your own stash to the smoking circle. However, your contribution does not have to be limited to cannabis. If everyone else has that covered, then consider bringing a dessert or some soda and chips.

It doesn’t cost very much, and it is a tangible way of thanking the host or hostess and everyone who supplied the cannabis. Just remember not to expect something in return if you are the one smoking with some friends.

Once you are smoking in the group, you should pass the joint, blunt, or pipe to your left. That will help you to keep the right rotation and going in the same direction each time will help you to maintain that.

2. Who Should Smoke jungle boys strain
When it comes to starting the blunt or joint, the person who rolled it should be the one to start it unless they agreed on something else before. The person who packs the bowl of the pipe should be able to light it and take the first hit. jungle boys strain

With a green hit, you are lighting the green flower instead of lighting a pile of carbon and ash. Green hits offer a much better experience than what is left at the end. If the smoking circle is large, then the people near the end might not get so many good hits. To be polite, you can try to hit the pipe lightly from the bowl’s rim. That will leave some more green hits for others, and they will appreciate the gesture.

3. Respecting Others and Your Space
The house rules are important when it comes to sharing your marijuana. If you are at a person’s house, you should be respectful. Don’t be afraid to politely ask them ahead of time if they have any special house rules for you to follow. This is also true for parks, hotels, or other areas where you decide to smoke. If you are not considerate, then you can give cannabis users a poor reputation. jungle boys strain

To respect others, you should let people know if you are sick. Do not share your smoke with them. If you know that you are sick, then you can let them know, so you can have your own smaller pipe or joint. That way, you can still be with your friends and smoke, but you will not share your germs.

4. Smoke Responsibly
When you are smoking the blunt or a joint, you should only take two hits before you pass. With bongs or bowls, you will usually take two hits and pass it around. That way, there will be enough for everyone. Of course, your friends might decide to do things a little differently, especially if there is a smaller group or more cannabis to smoke. jungle boys strain

Don’t hold the joint or pipe for a long time when it is your turn. It is not a microphone, so you should avoid going on a long ramble during your hits. Take a couple of hits and then pass it to the next person. You can use the time before and after that to go on a ramble if you desire.

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